Veenkade 174, Den Haag

Everyone dreams sometimes to own a loft apartment. High ceilings, industrial look and lots, lots of space. De Veenkade 174 has it all. You enter your own home through the electrically operated garage door (with wicket door). Immediately fall the beautiful windows in steel frames that are not only a harbinger of all the rooms that the house has, but also a sea of light let the apartment enter.

The living room with large fireplace on gas, the oak floor the high walls and windows in the façade give in combination with the concrete structures kept in view the optimal loft feeling. They large open kitchen with cooking island connect the living room with the dining area where, due to the high aluminum window frames, the partly integral and external terrace are accessible.

These impressive window frames repeat themselves in the older bedroom adjacent to the terrace. This bedroom with its own walk-in closet ends in the bathroom that everyone really would like to use once. Double walk-in shower, large washbasins with built-in cupboards and a ceiling height of almost 4 meters! So beautiful that you would almost forget that the warm feeling of the floor heating comes.

Asking price: € 799.000,00

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Veenkade 174, Den Haag Artboard